Friday, July 4, 2014

Drawing Share No. 2 Maren

Maren is working fast to get caught up! She just received her book on Tuesday and is already up-to-date with her drawings! Here is her drawing of the vase/profiles:

and here is her upside down drawing of Igor Stravensky by Picasso.

Her upside-down drawing of spiderman

Her thoughts: 

Much harder than I thought they would be!  But I think it was helpful to do it upside down, one line at a time, paying attention to parts and not the whole.  I definitely had the hardest time when I got to parts I recognized well – head, hands, eyes, etc.  So that must have been that battle between the left & right brain.  Very interesting exercise.  Later I found myself looking at objects and thinking of them in terms of shapes instead of as the whole object with all the details.  I realized that when I knew something curved I felt I had to draw it really curved, but in real life perspective it was such a subtle curve, or often even a straight line that only hinted at a curve at either end.  I got lost in each exercise the way she describes – except I think I felt a little more anxiety than she described.  My hands and shoulders would feel kind of tense – but I did lose track of time, and overall enjoyed it.

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